Fully Hand Stitch Bespoke Suit

Fully Bespoke Hand Stitch Suits and Overcoats - Soft Tailored


This type of construction is the most luxurious one, combining traditional techniques of making with the modern vision of a soft tailored garment that gives extra comfort enhancing the shape of the garment.

The three layers of full floating canvass (body canvass, chest canvass and soft padding) that gives "body" to the front of the jacket are stitched together by hand allowing our tailors to build in the shape of the chest in the most precise way known to mankind!


Totally Unstructured Jacket and Overcoat


This is the "non plus ultra" of comfort.

Designed for the client that want to have the lightest garment ever made without compromising the look of the jacket.

This particular "non structured" garment do not have any canvass at all, the shape is all in the cut of the jacket with a "feather weight" feeling.

It has been described by our clients as "wearing a shirt on top of a shirt" with a very defined shape.

Dresses, Gowns and Skirts


As we do everything uniquely bespoke on you and your lifestyle, the range of designs available is as wide as yours and ours creativity can reach.

From daily use in the office to occasions like Race Days or very Elegant Dinners or Events, all is styled around your personality and figure always keeping an eye on an eventual Dress Code in place.

We do sit down with you to draw a quick sketch even for the most simple styled garment in order to personalize and enhance the tiniest detail (at the end of the day this is what make us unique out there!)   


Shirts and Blouses



Our shirts and blouse goes along with the modern time we live in.

This is why we offer both Bespoke Made To Measure and Bespoke Hand Stitched shirts and blouses.

All our shirts and blouses will be designed from scratch starting from a blank piece of paper were we will draw your pattern using our in house roules.

Bespoke Made To Measure shirts and blouses will be finished by our tailors in line with modern machine tecnique.

Bespoke Hand Stitched shirts and blouse will have included in the process the baste fitting, allowing us to have the best unique pattern for you!

Bespoke Hand Stitched products will have "set in" sleeves (resulting in a more comfortable fit around the armhole) and will be all finished by hand following the tradition. 



We do welcome our clients to bring in garments that need refreshing or adjusting because they do not fit properly (from other brands too, of course!)

All our alterations are taken seriously and professionally by our tailors.

Give to your clothing in the wardrobe a second chance!

Bring them in and let's see together what can be done.

Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers are always a beautiful idea to mark a special occasion or even just to show someone you care.
That is why, we pack ours with lots of samples as well, just to make your imagination going as soon as you open it!
You can collect them at our Stores or simply provide us with your address and we will send them directly to you .
And if your beloved is far away, we can send it directly to him/her with a message of your choice!

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