Bespoke Process / Su Misura


The first visit marks the start of a journey of discovery. Francesco will spend time getting to know you and discuss how your desired garment can fit into your lifestyle. Su misura extends beyond tailoring that fits: we ensure that your garments are tailored to who you are. During this stage, we will also work with you to pick out all the details, from the design to the fabric, from lining to buttons, and everything in between. Finally, we will create a personalized profile of your measurements and posture.

Francesco drafts your personal pattern starting from a blank piece of paper helped by ruler, tape measure, pencil and the drafting rules he studied especially for the Sartoria Clients. 

This pattern is used to produce a test garment made in toile cloth.


Ten days after our first meeting, we get to see how the test garment performs on you. We assess the fit and shape and we will evaluate together the ease and comfort. The baste fitting stage also allows us to see how the garment drapes on you, and how you would interact with it. Perfecting the fit on you, and not on a few numbers, produces a garment that has incredible balance between shape and versatility. More importantly, nothing is set in stone still at this stage – you can inform of us of any style changes you desire.

 The test garment, adjusted during your baste fitting, is taken apart and used to re-draw your pattern.

Your pattern is then transferred onto your chosen fabric, alongside internal materials. The forward fitting is now ready, this time with the actual fabric.


At the forward fitting, more details are realized for your creation. Collar, lapels, pockets and linings are set in. Crucial details like buttoning points are tested, demonstrated, and discussed. We will as well make sure the fit match our and yours expectation. Any needed adjustment is marked as well on your paper pattern in order to keep it as precise and updated as possible.

The garment is meticulously hand finished according to your specification.

At Sartoria Trenti, presenting you with your finished creation is the moment we most enjoy. After six weeks of working together, we delight you with the joy of a new garment that is unique to you. These occasions are why we created Sartoria Trenti.


After the first garment is completed, any future order (unless if a very different style) will have the first fitting in the actual cloth in order to drop the time of making and finishing the suit, allowing you to enjoy your garment sooner!


We take aftercare seriously. We provide three months of free alteration, from the date of delivery, so that you can come back and make any changes regarding the fit. After that, we always prefer to take care of your garment for the rest of its life, from refreshing and repressing your garment, to doing alterations to update its relevance. A bespoke creation is a creation for life. / +44(0)7453578128