Francesco Trenti - CEO and Maestro Sarto

Francesco represent the third generation of tailors in his family. He trained under master tailors of the Milanese school of tailoring, who impressed upon him the understated softness and curves of tailoring. After five and a half years of apprenticeship in both menswear and womenswear, Francesco spent half a decade in Savile Row in a wide range of roles.

At Sartoria Trenti, he combines Milanese heritage with English formality to bring a new bespoke service to his clients. His garments are simple and elegant, emphasizing shapes and fit achievable only through a bespoke garment. Through subtle details in the design, he weaves in a certain sprezzatura that is characteristic to Italian tailoring.

Georgie Syms at Sartoria Trenti.jpg

Georgie Syms - Bespoke In-House Maker

Working for a small up-and-coming company has served only as a positive for me. I am able to focus on, and perfect, traditional making techniques daily creating fully bespoke waistcoats, trousers and (my personal favourite) jackets. Coat Making as a job commands creativity and precision in equal measures. Learning which jacket style suits specific body shapes is important, and knowing how to shape the canvas and give the structure needed at the early stages of creation is essential to a prefect fully bespoke garment that will stand the test of time. Ordinarily as a Coat Maker, the placement of your working environment is often in the basement of the tailoring house. You are away from the public eye, and clients are rarely, if ever, seen, but customer interaction is one thing that inspires my drive. Seeing a client wearing a finished design you have created brings me so much joy and makes all the hours of work thoroughly worthwhile. Despite my training being primarily in menswear, my focus for this coming year involves looking into tailored womenswear and its relevance within the industry today. Here at Sartoria Trenti, we all work together as a tight-knit team, where despite our different and defined job roles, we work hard to support each other and by doing so assure client satisfaction at every stage of the process.

Luca Pisetta at Sartoria Trenti.jpg

Luca Pisetta - Tailoring Consultant and Business Developer

Many beautiful stories starts with Once upon time, so is mine. Once upon time, in a town of the North Eastern Italian Dolomites, a boy was just about to become a man. I do remember the excitement and the curiosity behind my first bespoke experience. The idea of owning a suit was really fascinating but I could have never imagine how great it could have been until I would have worn it, superb. I always believed that being dressed with a suit was the first fundamental step to be a gentleman, so young to understand that being a gentil uomo means more than dressing a magnificent piece of art, but it is a lot more than your outfit. This is another story. Once I’ve arrived in Cadoneghe (Padua) from Trento, after few hours of drive with my best friends to Callegaro’s Atelier I enter for the first time into this wonderful world which I could never imagine it would have become my bread and butter when grown, at that time was just a dream. Choosing garmets touching elite wools, listening to the tailor’s tips in the whole process, the attention to every detail, I was just amused. The reason why I needed a bespoke suit, my first one, was because I had two important events that were happening: my degree’s ceremony and one of my best friend’s wedding. Officially the experience began when we took my measurments, after we arranged further three fittings and we cordially shacked our hands. His kindness and professionalism were the first attitudes I immediately noticed, I was positively pleased. Making the long story short, I picked up the suit 6 weeks later and I’ve finally realised what wearing a suit means: elegance, grace, confidence, outstanding outlook and an incredible feeling of being unique,, which you’ll find out is a constant part of my life. The events went brilliantly and I created my first remarkable memories with my bespoke suit on.