We do welcome our clients to bring in garments that need refreshing or simply that want to get more from garments that do not fit properly (from other brands too, of course!).
Book an appointment for a free fitting, we will study together what needs to be done!
All our alterations are taken seriously and professionally by our tailors.
Below a shortlist of what we can do, for more please do not hesitate to come in and visit us.


Take in/let out side seams £50

Lengthen or Shorten Sleeves from cuff £40

Lengthen or Shorten sleeves from top £80

Lengthen or Shorten body jackets £85

Clean back neck £50

Narrow shoulders £85

Re-line sleeves £80 (linings included)

Re-line jacket £210 (linings included)


Take in/let out waist £40

Take in/let out seat £25

Take in/let out waist and seat £55

Lengthen/shorten Skirts £50

(if half circle or full circle £75)

Lengthen/shorten Trousers £30

Narrow/widen Trousers hems £35

Narrow/widen Trousers full leg £55

Re-fork £50

Repair Zip (replacement) £50


Take in/let out side seams £60

Lengthen/shorten sleeves from cuffs £30

Lengthen/shorten sleeves from top £65

Lengthen/shorten body length £50

(if half circle or full circle £75) / +44(0)7453578128